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Drag & drop Lego-like widgets to create excellent forms, being a form expert with no need of programming or design basics.

  • Up to 57 Free Widgets

    Text, Select, Rating, File Upload. Tabular, City...and other powerful widgets.

  • Every Setting Needed Is Provided

    Form Logic, Option Limits, Disclose Submits, Submits Limitation, Visit by Password...

  • Quick Solution for Online Payment

    It only takes several clicks to integrate online payment in forms, no code basic required. Winning deals online is far easier than you've expected.


Rich templates for industries, highly-customizable color schemes, satisfy your specific usage scenarios.

  • One-click Theme and Color Adjusting

    We've prepared plenty of well-designed templates and color schemes. Specific industry/scenery collections are ready for your use.

  • Custom Appearance

    Widget width, question layout, area background, text-image format...Every detail is customizable and under your control.

  • All Terminal Compatible

    Computers, laptops, mobile phones, Pad ...... no matter the size of the screen, the system will adapt to the screen size automatically, providing quality browsing and filling-in experience for every terminal.


No Submit limitation, multi-condition filters, real-time statistics, and exportable data.

  • No Submit Limitation

    You may collect unlimited Submits, and we guarantee data security and effectiveness.

  • Real-time New Submits Notification

    When new Submit comes, you could receive notification via Email, SMS and WeChat in real time. No information would be left out.

  • Data Filtering, Statistic and Download

    Combine multi conditions to filter data and get the most satisfying statistics. Besides, all data could be exported freely.


All the Contact-related information in forms will converge into the Contacts module, laying the groundwork for initiative marketing campaigns.

  • Contacts Groups and Tags

    Distinguish contacts via groups and tags to achieve delicacy customer management.

  • Duplicated Contacts Auto-merged

    The system will identify the same person from different Submitting behaviors and automerge repeat contacts.

  • Form-submitted History

    Integrate data from various sources and record each interaction.